Laura Westlund Realty will develop a customized marketing plan for your home to help you get the best price and fastest closure.

1. We will promote your home by:

  • Taking our agents through your home

  • Ensuring it is listed with MLS within 24 hours of signing the listing

  • Arranging for broker/salesperson open houses Wednesdays and weekends

  • Informing agents we have worked with in the past of the new listing

  • E-mail a flyer to all agents who sell in your area

  • Provide professional staging recommendations to enhance marketability

  • Update you with any changes in the current market

  • Request all offers be submitted through me to review first

  • Follow-up with agents that have shown/previewed your home to get feedback and report their responses back to you

  • Represent you upon the presentation of all offers and negotiate the best possible terms

  • Once the offer is negotiated, we handle all follow-up on your transaction keeping you informed on mortgage, title and escrow details and closing procedures.

  • Discuss methods of financing available to a buyer.

2. We will promote your home using photos and flyers:

  • Create a flyer to hand to clients at open houses with photo's

  • Handout flyers to agents and clients at open houses

  • Take interior and exterior photos with our digital camera

  • Include your home in our quarterly post cards

3. We will promote your home in the neighborhood:

  • Placing 1 or 2 Laura Westlund Realty, Inc. signs on your lot

  • Install flyer boxes containing flyers on these signs with loads of photo's

  • Send out flyers -And E-mail flyers to neighbors within a mile radius with many photo's.

4. We will promote your home via our website:

  • Adding your home on www.Craigslist.com with at many photo's as allowed

  • Adding your home on www.trulia.com with many photo's as allowed

  • Adding your home on www.Zillow.com with as many photo's as allowed

  • Adding your home to www.NWMLS.com with at least 15 photo's.

  • Adding your home to www.laurawestlund.com with unlimited photo's

  • We also advertise in the Kirkland Courier Newspaper

  • Numerous other World Wide Web Sites are: www.kajiji, geebo, oodle, hotpads, backpage, googlebase, dothomes, vast, yat. All with many photos

5. How we go the extra mile:

  • We live and work in the downtown Kirkland area. Our roots are deeply imbedded in this community

  • Achieve annual sales of $10 - $20 million

  • Laura jogs through the neighborhood 3 times a week; she knows every street and home in downtown Kirkland

  • HONESTY is our most important policy

  • We are experienced, full-time agents with 30+ years in real estate in this community.

  • We are a small upscale and highly successful boutique real estate company

  • Provide you with a written report of comments after holding an open house

  • We are active in the community, so we can answer any of your questions about the Kirkland area

  • Laura Westlund is a member and Past Treasurer of the Kirkland Heritage

  • Member of the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce

  • Supporting member of the Kirkland Performance Center

  • Laura Westlund lives in the West of Market area

  • Have been a developer/owner of many multi-family apartments in Kirkland (Kona, Titi and Mai-Tai)

Home Selling Tips

An appraiser will have to inspect your home before closing - here are some of the things they commonly look for that may need to be addressed so as not to delay your sale.

  1. Moisture stains on ceilings, walls and window sills

  2. Clean roof and age of roof and gutters

  3. Drainage around downspouts, six inches or more of foundation showing around house, and/or dirt, wood, etc. up against house

  4. Moisture barrier in crawl space and any moisture in crawl space

  5. Hot water heater properly installed and vented.

  6. Ventilation

  7. Any soft or spongy areas in flooring around tub or toilet

  8. Broken windows or dry rot in window casings

  9. Insulation (code at time was built)

  10. Signs of pests

You have only one chance to make a good first impression. Our experience shows that taking time to prepare your home in advance pays off. Doing so gives you an "edge" in the marketplace and results in shorter marketing time, and shorter marketing time assures you of a higher price.


  • Remove any clutter from the yard.

  • Cut and edge the grass.

  • Trim and weed gardens.

  • Repair any broken fence or gate.

  • Remove any old vehicles.

  • Repair any deep cracks in driveway.

  • Clear any clutter from walkway and steps

  • Paint, wash, or fix steps, storm windows, railings, screens, and front door.

  • Make sure garage is clean or at least picked up and orderly


  • Give the home an overall cleaning.

  • Remove any clutter from halls and stairs.

  • Make sure walls and carpets are clean.

  • Streamline all closets.

  • Clear countertops.

  • Clean bathrooms thoroughly.

  • Repair any mildewed bathroom caulking.

  • Repair any dripping faucets and leaky toilets.

  • Replace burned-out light bulbs.

  • Repair faulty light switches and clean switch plates and door areas.

  • Oil door hinges and tighten doorknobs.

Prepare for the showing:

  • Clear any clutter from all rooms.

  • Eliminate cooking or pet odors.

  • Do not leave dirty dishes, or food out!

  • Be sure all beds are made.

  • Have inside lights on, even during day. It makes a home look warmer!

  • Turn outside lights on in evening.

  • Keep heat at 68 degrees.

  • Put money and valuables away and all prescription drugs!

  • Keep draperies open, make sure it is light and bright

  • Consider leaving your home during showings because buyers will stay longer if owners are not at home.

  • If you cannot leave home, group family around television with volume low.

  • Do not lead or follow the buyer through your home.

  • Let the agent show and sell your home.

  • Do not let anyone in your home without an agent ( You don't know them, they could be someone trying to rob you!)

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